1. Harden Targets

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‘Target hardening’ is a foundational concept for security professionals and crime prevention specialists who focus their efforts on deterring, deflecting and defending against motivated offenders.

Any efforts you can make to add additional security layers that encourage criminals to go elsewhere will help reduce your risks of becoming a victim. Our CSDF techniques are designed to:

  • Deter cybercriminals by making you appear to be a difficult target that will require extra effort or specialist knowledge or tools to succeed
  • Detect cybercriminals so that so you can identify a threat and work out how best to respond or seek additional help
  • Delay cybercriminals to slow the progress of an attacker and make it more likely they will either give up or a security responder has the time needed to come to your aid.

The following techniques are focused on hardening your digital devices and helping you plan in advance how you will respond and recover from common cybercrime threats:

1.1 Identify vulnerable family and friends

1.2 Identify your digital crown jewels – data and devices

1.3 Prepare an incident response plan and practice

1.4 Use unique complex passwords

1.5 Use a password manager

1.6 Use biometric authentication

1.7 Use trusted anti-virus/anti-malware software

1.8 Use a supported operating system on all connected devices

1.9 Use a secure browser

1.10 Use a firewall

1.11 Use full disk encryption

1.12 Use secure networks

1.13 Use a trusted VPN

1.14 Use HTTPS everywhere

1.15 Back up critical data and devices and test restoration

1.16 Create system restore points

1.17 Remove unwanted/out of date software and apps

1.18 Be situationally alert

Home » Cyber Self Defence Framework (CSDF) » Cybercrime Prevention Techniques » 1. Harden Targets